I want to understand how the space sector works in multiple nations, but I am met with limitations because I am a foreign national. I see my friends w...View Details

Do you want to hear a casual conversation about space, why it is cool, and how humanity has been inspired by the innovation and hard work of the entir...View Details

Space exploration is not all about launching rockets and exploring other worlds, it is finding out how we can connect with students from communities a...View Details

Nations and governments all have their personal agenda's when it comes to space exploration. Some want to see more spaceflight launches, while others ...View Details

How can someone search for past life on Mars while on Earth? I thought that is why we sent rovers to Mars?  Well...you are right about the rovers, but...View Details

In this episode, I speak with Dr Anna Losiak, a planetary geologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Chief Science Officer for the European R...View Details

In this episode, we speak with Dr Shawna Pandya, a Canadian physician, and scientist-astronaut program graduate with the International Institute for A...View Details

Lunar resources are becoming the talk of the aerospace industry, for what they will bring for long-term human exploration on the Moon and in Deep Spac...View Details

Writing and reading is a huge part of everyone's career. We cannot escape it, let only, fully master it. In STEM, writing and reading becomes the brea...View Details

Magnets are everywhere in our lives, from holding holiday souvenirs on our fridges to helping improve rail line systems and transportation. But did yo...View Details

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