Space medicine is a field in space science that focuses on improving procedures, diagnoses, and technology in the medical field, that can have major b...View Details

I am very excited to introduce this episode as it is all space podcasters dream to interview an astronaut on their platform, and I am pleased to intro...View Details

Injustice comes in many shapes and forms around the world, but all have one thing in common; the oppression of individuals based off their economic st...View Details

Robotics and space science go hand-in-hand to ensure the success of numerous planetary missions, and lead to life altering innovations that benefit pr...View Details

The search for extant and extinct life in our Solar System has been a driving goal for many planetary scientists. Are we alone in the universe? Did ou...View Details

With the boom of the space industry, questions on how humans can ensure space travel, habitation, and exploration will be ethical, just, and fair have...View Details

Sustainability is a word we hear a lot not just in the space industry, but every time we think about the future of the human race. Everyday, people se...View Details

Welcome to part 2 of the Zenith Pathways special, where I chat with four of the Zenith Fellows of 2022; the bright future of Canada's aerospace indust...View Details

Welcome to something a little bit different to this podcast. This is my first two part episode special, and I am very excited for this to be my first!...View Details

I want to understand how the space sector works in multiple nations, but I am met with limitations because I am a foreign national. I see my friends w...View Details

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