In this episode, we speak with Thomas Sears who is currently a Ph.D. student and Vanier Scholar researching robotics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. His research in mobile mapping techniques will increase the utility of robots in natural settings on Earth and the scientific potential of rover missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Thomas previously studied at the University of Toronto's Space Flight Laboratory and worked as an engineer at Sinclair Interplanetary, where his main responsibilities were to design and build satellite hardware. He currently volunteers on the advisory board for Engineers of Tomorrow, an engineering outreach organization, and mentors students on Queen’s Space Engineering Team's (QSET) CubeSat project. Beyond engineering, Thomas can be found trying to do yoga, promoting sustainability, and reading Marvel comics.


If you would like to connect with Thomas, you can find him on Twitter (, Instagram (, and LinkedIn (


Host and creator : Gavin Tolometti
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